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Svarajya Indian Store

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Ideation of Svarajya:

The current pandemic situation of COVID 19, has altered the business market globally. Especially in India, where the geopolitical issues have caused a rift between India and China on both strategic and business fronts. COVID 19 and the current geopolitical scenario has led many businesses in India to develop a “Made in India” product orientation and follow the “Anti-China product sentiment” amongst Indian population.

Along with this new orientation of “Made in India” and following the directions of Indian Prime Minister Hon. Mr. Narendra Modi of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “Vocal about Local”, many small business have turned to finding their niche in the online retail business sector and try to capitalise on the rise in demand of Made in India goods.

The idea of “Svarajya Ecommerce” has also stemmed from the idea of providing Indian sellers mainly into Made in India products with a platform to sell their products online and gain the freedom to spread their business Pan India.

The core of

The idea of Svarajya has stemmed from the sole fact of promoting Indian Products and Indian sellers. The team of Svarajya firmly believes in providing all the Indian business owners selling Made in India products with a platform to showcase and sell their products.

Svarajya is an e-commerce for the people of India made by the people of India.  We encourage all the sellers of Made in India products to avail the services of Svarajya and help us truly fulfil the dream of being a self-reliant, independent, sovereign and successful nation. 

Highlights of

·         Free Registration for Sellers

·         Complete transparency in managing the products online

·         Marketing Support for all the sellers

·         Online Store Set-up assistance

·         Built on the Foundation of Trust

·         Complete Logistics Support Pan India

·         High Quality customer service for the sellers and the buyers

·         Wide Range of products

·         Open for all sellers of India Products

Work Done on Svarajya:

Kreativgenes Full-service marketing Agency has been a part of Svarajya’s journey right when the idea was encapsulated. The team of Kreativgenes has developed all the business aspects of Svarajya mainly:

·         Branding – Brainstorming the name and developing the idea of Svarajya

·         Logo Design – Creating an unique identity for Svarajya both in Regional and English fonts

·         Website Design – Designing the page by page layout of and designing the flow of the website

·         E-commerce Integration – Incorporating all the elements needs to function as an E-commerce including payment gateway, cart checkout, designing cart flows and product categories with add to favourites section

·         Digital Marketing (SEO) – Creating content specific to search engine optimization (SEO) for the website

·         Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Creation of social media handles, content for social media content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as managing the social media marketing campaigns and budget

·         SEM (search engine marketing) – Creation of content and handling the SEM campaigns and creation of backlinks

·         Google – Creation of Google my business listing, ppc campaigns, Google analytics, Search engine console, Google key words, Google ad words etc.

The use of Growth Marketing in

Kreativgenes has mainly used the growth marketing strategy in the complete development process of building Svarajya E-commerce. As Svarajya E-commerce is a start-up, during the developmental phase all the key inputs from people were taken into consideration at every stage of product development. In Addition to this Kreativgenes has also made use of Reverse Market Engineering technique to ensure the audience for Svarajya is built before its launch and people get aware of the brand and its goals.

The use of Growth Marketing and Reverse Marketing Engineering in has provided a new direction of Business Development and Revenue model creation with helping to limit the budget spending on Operations and Marketing process creation.

The Ethos of is very clear and the team at Kreativgenes has kept in mind the foundation values of Svarajya that revolve around being ‘For Indians by Indians’, ‘Made in India products’, ‘Vocal4local’, ‘Indian E-commerce’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

For more details and free registration you can visit:

Svarajya Indian Store Website

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