7 Important reasons why a website is important to your business in 2020

Recently, due to the covid-19 pandemic situation in 2020, the whole world has become aware of the rising importance of the website in improving the business. This article covers the following topics; what is a business website, how important is a website for small businesses, the connection between website and marketing. So, are you ready to know the 7 great ways of how to improve your business in 2020? Here we go!

I have compiled these 7 ways based on our past work with clients and keeping in mind the current as well as a future scenario in the business sector.

As is the need of the hour, it is inevitable for every business to go online in order to increase their sales. People today are more attracted to digital life and want all the things at ease like ordering food/products/services from their mobile phones or getting information about any business/ through a Google search. So, there are many reasons supporting the importance of a website to an organization for which you might also have some questions running in your mind like why a website is important for small businesses?

This year 2020, the market is full of challenges and hence, it has become difficult for small businesses to cope with the business challenges. A good website gives your organization an authentic online presence and also increases your brand awareness in the market. Every business whether it is a startup, SME or any large organization, everyone is fighting to find recognition in the market and to sustain in the market in the long run, the first step to building a strong future is to have a good website as it will be the first impression for a consumer/customer.

What is a good website? Let me clear your doubts that only having a website is not enough for a business to succeed. To grow the business, you need a successful and integrated website that functions smoothly. The design of the website should have a WOW factor, it should have a user-friendly interface, the color combination used should be decent, the functioning of the site should be proper, it should have exact information the customer is looking for & most importantly it should be FAST. Today, mostly all companies use AMP websites as they take less time to load & are fast compared to older responsive websites.

The other benefit of having a good website is that people get more attracted to the design, interface & information on the website which keeps the customer engaged and eventually leads them into buying your product/service. AMP website is the need of the hour in today’s world. As per surveys conducted by reputed organizations in the business world, more than 80% of the searches are made through a mobile phone. So basically, a mobile-friendly site is more important for a business than a normal desktop site.

The website not only provides your brand awareness; it also helps your business in digital marketing by performing paid advertisings for your business. Digital Marketing plays an important role in making a business succeed in today’s competitive market.

Website & Digital Marketing, both can make your business a reputed well-known brand if combined in a perfect manner. We at Kreativ Genes, don’t differentiate small businesses or large businesses. We believe in the reverse marketing strategy. Every business has a specific budget to spend and according to that budget, we provide effective solutions to the business wherein the business gets most of the advantage.

In Today’s world, every house has a mobile phone and almost more than 90% of homes have at least one smartphone in their house. So, the use of the internet has been increased very rapidly in India since the arrival of Reliance Jio.

Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation & the high usage of social media in India for the past few years, social media marketing has seen a BOOM & has gone to a very different level. All the traditional businesses need to go online to sustain in the current market in order to tackle the challenges set by COVID 19 and also to build a sustainable and successful future. We call this generation as a ‘WIFI generation’ and having a digital presence will help you to effectively tap this market segment.

Nowadays, the world is undergoing a digital transformation ushering a new era of a digital generation. So, for any business, be it small, medium, or large scale, everyone needs a digital presence that includes an efficient website that can relay accurate information to the users and in turn increase the return of investment for a business.

Website & mobile apps are extremely essential for every business to carry out digital marketing & the very first stop of the customers will be on a website or a mobile app while reaching out the potential customers.

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